"Who let the dogs out?!"

Dogs and My Time Out!

Morecambe Festival Precession was participated by Wolf Wood Rescue, where I walked one of their rescue dogs called Buddy, who has now been re-homed, see you next year!

Walking during the week on the hotter days their have been shady walks with water on tap and walks in the rain have not yet become a "doggy paddle"!

Your dogs enjoying their time out as in Gallery and more!

Walter, a Pug, is very curious about other dogs, enjoys his walks in Bare area, whatever the weather. Both Walter and Pip, a Border Collie, like muddy puddles too splash and lie down in and Pip much to the alarm of Dog Owners, likes running off with their dogs ball, leaving their dogs searching............................., (its ok they get the ball back!)

Puppy, a Rottweiler has walks around Under Barrow, she was a working Pub Dog, with a special command name for working action, guarding and protection. Enjoying her walks being very playful, chasing squirrels in the park, "I thought I saw a squirrel, I did, I did see a squirrel!" searching the trunk of trees and if she could she would climb them.

Hugo, a Standard Poodle has walks along the Quay with plenty trees and grassy areas to investigate, really pleased to be friends with other like minded dogs!

Blue, a Border Collie actively participates in Agility, enjoys walks along the towpath with grassy areas and trees and often finds a abandoned ball to take home!

Meg and Fudge, mother and son duo, always looking forward to their walks, enjoy having a run and looking out for passer-bys to greet!

Rayna who is a little shy, but has started to become much more sociable since her outings on walks and enjoys the company of the other dogs within "Who Let The Dogs Out?!"