"Who let the dogs out?!"

Experience and skills................. Includes...........

Having pet dogs for many years, rescued two Springer Spaniels, all of which have enjoyed being walked at least an hour a day, providing a peaceful, relaxing evening for both dog and owner(s)!

Knowing all the best dog walking places in the Morecambe area where your pets can enjoy the dog friendly space whilst socialising.

Previously, managed a family kennels for over 8 years, caring for dogs of all shapes, sizes and “attitude” !

Administering veterinary medication, e.g. diabetes.

Guests, enjoyed several walks a day and were groomed, to keep them healthy and fit to return to their owners!

(Clients have changed their plans so that they could use our kennels and here are some quotes whilst kennelling:

"I wouldn’t have minded if at least she had looked back!”
"He is always happy to come to Angela”
"We wouldn’t go anywhere else”)

Accustomed to being punctual, reliable, trustworthy (if you give me a key I will look after it) in control of a dog and taking a flexible approach to the needs of you and your dog !

There have been times when training has been required, mainly good manners progressing to basic heel work, sit and stay.


Knowledge and experience of working in and supporting animal charities in Morecambe.

Have taken a pet into a local hospice to provide therapy and home from home experience for patients and families experiencing living with a life limiting illness.